James Bretzlaff, MBA, CMC



James Bretzlaff, BPHE, MBA, CMC

Founder and Principal

James is a Certified Management Consultant with over 15 years experience helping teams, leaders and organizations achieve excellence. His expertise spans across a wide range of sectors including Recreation, Healthcare, Education, Natural Resource Management, Economic Development, and more. James regularly builds on his background as a high performance athlete and coach, always asking the question "How can we perform even better?"

Claricoast is a proud supporter of: 

​​​​Helping organizations prepare and perform.

Claricoast Managment Consulting works with teams and leaders at all levels of your organization, collaboratively developing practical solutions to real business problems.  Through a unique blend of advisory, facilitation, and executive coaching services, we help you address:

   Strategic Clarity:     developing a shared understanding of direction, goals, and priorities.

   Leadership Clarity:  preparing leaders at all levels to make an even bigger impact.     

   Operational Clarity: helping staff design effective, efficient processes that work for everyone.

   Team Clarity:          exploring real challenges and finding powerful solutions. Together.​​