Strong personal and organizational leadership form the essence of effective organizational performance. Services include:

  • Organizational Culture Development: How do we assess and shift our culture? 
  • Executive Leadership Coaching: How do you 'show up' as a leader?
  • Career Development Planning: How will you achieve your long term aspirations? 
  • 360 Leadership Reviews: What do others notice about your leadership?
  • Organizational Leadership:  How do you structure and lead your organization?

Strategic clarity is achieved through collaboratively defining your preferred future, and building agreed upon plans to get there. Services include:

  • Long Range Strategic Planning: Visioning the Future
  • Strategic Thinking: Shifting culture and engaging in strategic conversations 
  • Short Term Strategic Planning: Goal and Priority Setting
  • Annual Strategic Refreshing: Service Planning and Business Planning
  • Implementation: Tactical Planning, Measuring and Monitoring Success

Leadership Clarity

Operational Clarity

Our blend of advisory, facilitation and coaching services help you address:

Strategic Clarity​​

Operational clarity is achieved through the development of agreed upon, efficient, and effective process and policy. Services include:

  • Operational Mapping: Clearly articulating what processes you do, now
  • Operational Improvement: Collaboratively improving processes for the future.
  • Project Management: Supporting the oversight of specific projects
  • Performance Tracking: Assessing how well processes are functioning

Team Clarity

James Bretzlaff  BPHE, MBA, CMC





Without strong teams, the best strategy and the most effective operations will not be successful. Services include:

  • Team Charter Development: How do we agree to operate as a team?
  • Team Values Identification: What drives our behaviours? 
  • Conflict Resolution: Solving specific inter-team conflict that is getting in our way
  • Team Building: Strengthening team performance in general
  • Team-Based Problem Solving: Solving specific external challenges as a team